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Injury Management FAQs

Q: How do I treat a recent strain or sprain?
A: Treatment of recent sprains and strains is generally accomplished according to the R.I.C.E. principle during the acute period (first 2-3 days). Rest and apply Ice to the injured area/joint; Compress and Elevate as well, if you can do so safely and comfortably. AVOID applying heat, hot packs, or soaking in hot tubs/baths!

Q: My son/daughter just sustained a concussion. How do I handle this?

Athletes: Click here
Parents: Click here

Q: I'm a parent, and my son/daughter was injured at practice today. How can I contact the Certified Athletic Trainer for more information or instructions on injury management?
A: To contact our athletic trainer, please call LeRoy Physical Therapy/Village Fitness at (585) 768-4550. For Gananda student-athletes, call Gananda-Walworth Physical Therapy/Village Fitness at (315) 986-1528. You can also contact us by e-mail by clicking here

Q: My son or daughter was injured at an away event. How can he/she see the Certified Athletic Trainer?
A: The Certified Athletic Trainer is available to consult with student-athletes during training room hours (see schedule above) or contact our office to access the Sports Injury Clinic.

Q: Do I (or my son/daughter) need to see the doctor for my (his/her) injury?
A: If you suspect a serious injury to yourself or your child participating in athletics, please contact your physician or local emergency number immediately. Often most non-emergencies or chronic/nagging aches and pains can be screened by the Certified Athletic Trainer and directed to the physician if necessary.

Q: When can I (or my son/daughter) return to sports following an injury?

A: If a student-athlete has consulted his/her physician for an injury, he/she must generally obtain written clearance from the physician before returning to competition.

Q: Will physical therapy help my injury recover? Is this part of the program?

A: Depending upon the nature of the injury or condition, physical therapy may help an injured athlete to regain function and return to competition quickly. Rehabilitation following injury helps to prevent recurrences or adverse secondary effects (e.g., knee pain resulting from an unstable, injured ankle).

Q: I am interested (or my son/daughter is interested) in a career in athletic training or physical therapy. What shadowing opportunities are available?

A: We're very proud of our business and professions, and would be delighted to share our enthusiasm and a glimpse of our background in the health sciences with interested young women and men. Feel free to contact our office to arrange an observation or internship.

Q: Where can I purchase supportive braces or athletic products?
A: Village Fitness has many braces, supports, and protective equipment available in stock at both LeRoy and Gananda locations. We're also able to recommend, order, and fit virtually any specialty product an athlete may require.

Q: Does Village Fitness recommend any specialist physicians?

A: Through years of quality service to student-athletes and physical therapy patients, we have cultivated working relationships with many excellent local primary-care and specialist physicians. We are often able to make use of those contacts for the benefit of injured student-athletes. Many factors determine where individuals receive their health care. However, we do not endorse any particular physician group or health system over another.

Q: How can I obtain more detailed information about a specific injury or condition?

A: Your Certified Athletic Trainer is a great resource for many topics related to sports medicine, injury prevention and management, rehabilitation, nutrition, drugs and performance enhancing substances, fitness and strength training, and more.

Vlillage Physical Therapy coordinates the Athletic Training Programs for 9 school districts in the Greater Rochester Area
Vlillage Physical Therapy coordinates the Athletic Training Programs for 9 school districts in the Greater Rochester Area



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