About Village Physical Therapy

We have 4 facilities (LeRoy, Gananda-Walworth, Batavia, and Webster) featuring a patient-centered, functional approach to physical therapy care which allows for plenty of individualized attention to achieve your goals. Our knowledgeable staff is caring and compassionate, and we strive to offer the ultimate in convenience. We offer a wide range of early morning, evening, and even weekend appointments to fit your busy schedule. We participate in most local health insurance programs.

Our LeRoy facility features an aquatic therapy pool, which is truly unique in the area. The pool features easy accessibility, deep and shallow water, a built-in bench, and a motorized swim jet. Plus, the 90-degree water means you'll never have to shiver! Aquatic physical therapy is great for arthritic joints, recent injuries like ankle sprains, and chronic conditions like lower back pain and fibromyalgia. Even post-surgical patients with total knee or hip replacements and spine surgery may benefit from aquatic therapy once the surgical incisions have closed.

About Physical Therapy and the Conditions We Treat

Physical Therapy
 plays an ever-increasing role in today's health care scene. We are a hands-on, cost-effective and efficient alternative for many people - young or old - with recent or chronic musculoskeletal pain or disability. Most of our patients are referred to us by their doctor, surgeon, podiatrist, or dentist. However, New York allows patients to see qualified physical therapists without a physician's prescription.

You Have A Choice
Please remember that, while your physician may recommend a physical therapist at a specific facility or health network, YOU are always free to choose your physical therapist. Choose wisely. Have you or someone you know said "I've already had PT" but didn't get any better? Remember that, just like physicians, physical therapists may have different approaches to similar problems. Consider a second opinion. The right experience is extremely important to achieving good clinical outcomes.