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Workplace Injury Prevention

The Duffy-Rath System© for Injury Prevention at Work
Founded in 1984 by Wayne Rath, PT, Dip MDT and Jean Duffy Rath, PT, Dip MDT

Our mission is the prevention of musculoskeletal and lifestyle-related
disorders and disability through education, training and research.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) represent a high percent of work-related illness, injury and disability at most major companies. The Duffy-Rath System© (DRS) targets MSDs and is based on a unique and effective method of teaching employees how to self-manage their musculoskeletal system at work and home.

The DRS helps employees reduce activity related discomfort and improve musculoskeletal wellness while increasing in-house expertise in dealing with both ergonomic and behavioral based risk factors with a goal of preventing MSDs and reducing their associated costs.

There are always risk factors and warning signals before an MSD develops, but people often ignore the risks and warnings and don't seek help until they accumulate into an actual problem. By training employees to recognize and react quickly to risk and warning signs, and finding customized and effective work habits and tools, the progression to an actual disorder can be prevented. For employees with pre-existing or chronic conditions the same training helps prevent aggravation, recurrence, and worsening disability.

For more information, contact Patrick Privatera, MS, PT, ATC, President of LeRoy Physical Therapy, DRS Program Leader.

A few of the companies we currently work with:

Liberty Pumps
PCORE Electric



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"I wish we had this 10 years ago"

"Wrist feels good, hand doesn't fall asleep now"

"Advice really helps; I was muscling it too much"

"I am amazed at how such simple things can help so much"

"Thinking about how I work really made a difference"

"Back feels good, now I understand how to take care of it!"




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